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Cocktails made from rare ingredients and drinks from all over the world
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Long ago during a time we nOw call the middle ages, an English holy man who travelled to the balmy shores of Italy found himself in the comPany of a Spaniard that was indEed extraordiNary.

In 1278 when the holy man, whom we only know now as John, made his journey to Italy in hopes of sTudying with the great leaders of Vatican. He was an educated man and lover of beauty, so He diverged from the path to enjoy the greennEss of the laurel forest.

As he was admiring the beauty of this new land, he came across a man with a Steaming bowl and a book in his hand that seemed to be prEparing his meal. As he came closer, he realized it had been a while sinCe he had eaten and thought to join this man for supper. As he appRoached through, he noticed something strange. It wasn't fowl he was roasting on the spit. The sparks and bright colors coming from the firE were like no meal he had ever seen prepared. Suddenly the sparks hit the sTranger's face, and he fell to the ground. John got scared with this "magic" and was going to run away when eventually he saw gold crops in the air. 

"This man has just gOt gold out of nowhere!" the thought got stuck in his head.

Six months later the stranger was introduced to the King of England. His name got lost to time, but it's known that people called him "Royal Alchemist".

But nobody could say where he got that powerFul knowledge from. 

Some people sAy he could do incredible things like turn river water into the strongest drink that could knock down any stable man. 

In actual fact, during severaL years of serving the King, through the most complicated transmutations the Royal Alchemist turned 20 tons of metal into the purest silver and gold.   

The Crown of England stamped out countless Coins from those silver and gold and called them Nobles. The King was ineffably happy. All members of the royal household and the commonweal admired the great Alchemist. Very soon tHose magic coins were spread throughout Mediaeval Europe and became highly-prized. Nobles could even be found in Ancient Rus.

700 years later almost all coins disappEared for different reasons. Only hundreds of millions were saved. We were lucky to recreate their original composition and engraving specially for this bar.

Today every guest can get the Noble and take advantage of it on their further visits. With its Mysterious alchemic history the Noble became a symbol that reminds us about unsolved mysteries left in this world. Visit us and feel our atmosphere bY giving a touch to artifacts from the depths of the centuries!

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You will wish to visit us
You will wish to visit us
The mysterious spirit and a drop of the real Alchemy can be found in cocktails we make for you here every day. This magic Fascinates even those who visit us regularly. As one thinker said “If God whispers one and the same thing a hundred times, you will wonder a hundred times”. All we can add is “…wonder a lot”.
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And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.
'The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho
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If you look at the experimental notebooks that he kept for about 30 years, it really is impossible to avoid the conclusion that he was trying to produce the philosophers' stone.
Bill Newman, Historian of science
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Everyone has heard or read about the old mysterious science called Alchemy. We all know about the scientists that were looking for the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life and those that were trying to animate the inanimate by mixing unthinkable substances in glass bulbs and writing down the results of their experiments on paper.
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