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Making The Drink Of Eternity In Alchemy
elixir of Immortality

In Alchemy we are trying to make our bar comfortable for all visitors as well as to make their visit entertaining and exciting. We have found old recipes of "the drink of eternity", and someday we will try to prepare it right in your sight.

1. One of the most notable Arab alchemists Jabir introduced his recipe of the drink: "You should just find a one-thousand-year-old toad and a one-thousand-year-old bat, dry them out, beat to powder, dissolve in water. Take a tablespoon of this mixture every day". It's clear that Jabir was quite ironic by emphasizing its unreality. We are not going to follow his recipe for the same reason, although offer you to follow his longevity secret - add orange peels to your meals and drinks.

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2. Famous philosopher and alchemist Roger Bacon believed that thanks to "longevity elixir" people can live for a thousand years. Such elixir should necessarily contain aloe and garlic.

3. In 1583 the doctor of Louis XII David Campi recommended his personal "longevity elixir" - colloid solution of gold in water. In one of his works he said "Gold is the nature, gold is the seed of the land". Maybe someday we will be able to offer you a cocktail with flecks of gold.

Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.
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