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Medieval Style Sign
No one will pass
We’ve always been inspired by old European streets where you can notice beautiful forged signs hanging on buildings. They were the most popular kind of outdoor advertising from the 5th to 18th century because streets were too narrow, and it was impossible to make a sign that could be seen from a distance. But if a sign hangs on brackets, it's visible for everyone. First, there were names of owners written on those signs or even forged, but later people started using symbols - forefathers of today's logos. Such symbols as a barrel for wine merchants, a spanner for mechanics, and three balls for moneylenders appeared because most of people could not read. So they could know where they can have a drink, and where they can get clothes.
Europeans called forged signs "city bijouterie" for their elegance, beauty and similarity of works of art. From the very beginning, we didn't want to place a big electric sign. We wanted to spiff up the street and create an unusual advertisement for our bar. This is how we came up with the idea of a medieval sign that fits in with the whole concept of Alchemy. The local blacksmiths made the forged frame, while we made the wooden panel and the writing on it. You can see the result on Krasnoi Armii Street at any time. Welcome!
In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal.
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William Bernbach